Get crack insight and analysis from Tribune reporters and editors on the Tribune’s weekly podcast, a frank, irreverent rundown of the biggest headlines in Texas politics and government. Weekly on Wednesday.

The Brief

A new, easy way for you to keep up with Texas news — an audio news brief waiting for you each morning on your smart speaker or podcast player. Released Monday through Friday.

The Brief - Saturday

Weekend edition of The Brief podcast: Interview-style conversations with everyday Texans who humanize the headlines. Weekly on Saturday.

Ross Ramsey’s Unconventional Wisdom

Audio edition of Texas Tribune executive editor Ross Ramsey’s column of his latest analysis and observations about Texas politics, policy and government. Released Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Point of Order with Evan Smith

A weekly podcast that takes you inside, behind and underneath the politics and issues of the Texas Legislature — the turning of gears and pulling of strings that power government in a state like no other.


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