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Before there was Facebook and Twitter, e-mail and cell phones, there was real-time, face-to-face conversation where ideas were presented, positions debated, solutions brainstormed.

Beyond our destination website, The Texas Tribune offers Texas Tribune Events, a suite of free events designed to promote public discourse and civic engagement throughout Texas. It’s our attempt to bring people together in real time to learn, engage and renew. Our events include:

Texas Tribune Events

Texas Tribune Conversations
In Person or Virtual

A series of conversations featuring prominent elected officials and other newsmakers at Studio 919 in downtown Austin.

The Texas Tribune's Conversation Series features in-depth discussions with prominent elected officials and newsmakers moderated by Evan Smith, CEO, and other expert journalists from The Texas Tribune. We cover the most pressing issues facing the state, and questions related to these are a constant throughout the series. Preceding the discussion, coffee is served, allowing time for our distinguished and influential guests to mingle. A Q&A session follows the discussion and allows our audience an additional chance to participate. Admission is free. The series attracts Capitol insiders, including lobbyists, downtown professionals, and the media. We record the conversations as audio and video content for texastribune.org and our print and broadcast syndication partners, as well as distribute them as podcasts across several channels. Conversation Series events are also live streamed and available to view, real time, on texastribune.org/events. Our live stream can also be embedded on your site for presentation.

Texas Tribune Events

Conversations Around The State

The Texas Tribune also hosts conversations around key statewide issues that directly relate to the local community. Panelists include legislators, set over lunch in their own communities, unscripted, in front of their constituents and include a Q&A time period for audience participation.


These full or multi-day events are modeled on the celebrated Texas Tribune Festival. These topical programs bring together experts to present and generate productive conversations on major issues of the day.

Texas Tribune Events

Texas Tribune Festival

Bringing together important and provocative statesmen, thinkers and writers from a wide variety of disciplines, the Tribune’s Festival rivals the New Yorker Festival and the Aspen Ideas Festival and offers Texans an exciting week of public events and dialogue. Interviews, lectures, debates and panel discussions will explore major current issues.

Texas Tribune Events

Texas Tribune Speakers' Bureau

Make your next event one that delivers big value for your guests.

When you book a Texas Tribune executive staff member, editor or reporter to speak at your event, you’re getting subject matter experts who can deliver powerful insights on the topics your guests care about most.

Attendees will leave your event connected with your brand, better informed about Texas politics, public policy and current events and inspired about what’s next.

Trust us with your next event’s keynote address, panel discussion or interview opportunity and cross one more thing off of your to-do list.

To learn more, email ahinkle@texastribune.org.


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