General Guidelines


To help identify a funder, one specific product or brand name item may be mentioned in audio and depicted in an ad. In addition, up to three generic product lines or target markets for a company’s products may be mentioned in audio and identified by means of text or generic symbols in video (e.g., “maker of the VAX-111 computer [specific product] and other computers for business, government, and personal use [target markets].”

Underwriter Location

It is permissible to cite location, telephone number information and website addresses. In the alternative, it may be a generic reference to the area served.

Slogans and Corporate-Positioning Statements

Slogans or corporate “positioning” statements that are used to identify a company are acceptable; direct comparison with other companies, or with other companies’ products or services (“when a Cadillac just isn’t good enough”) are not permitted.

Use of People

Actors/actresses or corporate representatives may appear in a credit. Further, for purposes of identifying a funder, employees of a company may be shown in a credit, provided, however, that if employees are used, specific products may not be shown.

Preferred Formats & File Types

Send image files in the form of .jpg (.jpeg), .png, or .gif. We can also accomodate most third party creatives or tags.

Required Formats & File Types

Email alert ads can be static images or .gif file (no Flash). Serving System and Tags. All messaging units are served through a third party system, DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP). Third Party Tags are accepted and must integrate with the DFP serving system. Creative Delivery. Please allow 48 hours for launch of materials.

Underwriting Guidelines

  • To clearly distinguish advertisements from editorial content, we require that all white background ads come with a border.
  • All ads with off-site links will open new browser window.
  • No on-load pop-over ads.
  • All versions of creative that will be served via a third party must be provided for testing and approval prior to appearing on the site.
  • In the event a third party ad server fails or fails to respond in a reasonable time frame, the Tribune has the right to pull the ad from our pages until the problem has been rectified.
  • Images need to be good quality and have visual integrity. They cannot be pixelated. This being said, the smaller the file size the better. Maximum acceptable size is 1MB.
  • If the sponsor does not have a graphics person it can send a logo, preferably an Adobe lllustrator .eps file that can be re-sized without compromising quality.
  • All Flash ads need to be accompanied by a static image version of the ad. Flash ads may loop a maximum of three times, and should run under 12 seconds total. Please apply these same guide lines for other animated file types, such as .gif files.
  • All ad units must be clearly identified as such.

Acceptable Sizes

300x250, 728x90 or 970x250

The Texas Tribune reserves the right to reject any ad based on content or images contained in the banner.

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